Put More Pizzazz in Your Meetings

Now this is what I call oatmeal!
Now that’s a fun breakfast!

Most meetings are like plain oatmeal.

Good for you? Yes.
Scrumdiddlyumptious? Not so much.

A little brown sugar, some maple syrup and heck, if you feel like it, some rainbow sprinkles can transform that ho-hum breakfast into an AM delight.

When you’re so focused on content, it’s easy to forget the fun factor – that memorable opening number, breakout element or culinary surprise that generates buzz and excitement. The successful meeting educates as well as entertains, lets people laugh as they learn.

So where can you find these ideas?

Check out Michael Cerbelli’s annual Hot List. Every year, the “Oracle of Spectacle” – as we like to call him – compiles a list of new(ish) talent, tools and trends.

A few fun ones this year:

Projection Mapping As Performance
Both Freelusion and Focus 3D DJ & Drummer turn up the impact of projection mapping by synchronizing live performance with projected images.

Flip Book Photo Booth
Upgrade the photo booth experience with Open Air’s flip book takeaway.  Made on the fly, it’s a fun keepsake for attendees.

The Hot List is packed with ideas for decor, opening acts, interactive tech and more.  Not every idea may fall within your budget, but you’ll be inspired by what you see…and maybe even come up with some fresh ideas of your own.

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