Lessons Learned From a Big Fat Gay Wedding

When we read the invitation – “kids welcome!” – Lori and I heaved a collective sigh.  Of course we love our kids dearly, but the prospect of sitting through a wedding ceremony and reception with 3 rambunctious kids – ages 8, 4 and 2 – just didn’t feel very celebratory.

It felt like penance.

Standing outside, we went over the rules of proper conduct, squared our shoulders, and entered the venue with some trepidation. But the grooms surprised us – by incorporating our needs into their wedding plans.

They included childcare.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’

While the kids watched Frozen, petted live animals, and had endless kiddie cocktails, we laughed, danced, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Not once did we check our watch, nor did we check out of the experience.

Because our primary needs were met.

The best events do just that – whether it’s having enough charging stations in a general session room, enough time to connect with colleagues, or enough breaks between speakers to respond to email.

Meet your attendees’ needs, and they will reward you with their undivided attention.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

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