How We Work

As bricoleurs we are curious by nature, which means our process is built around learning more about you. We ask questions – a lot of them – to get to the core of what you need, and how we can help.

What do you want to achieve?
How will you measure success?
Who are the key stakeholders?
What is your internal review process?
What are you most worried about?
What is your audience’s biggest concern?
What has worked in the past?
What can be improved?

Our time together will fall into four phases:

 1. Discover

We want to understand not just the what but the why.  The more background information we have to work with, the more targeted our approach and solution will be – audience demographics, brand plans, mission/vision/value/purpose statements, year-end goals, existing assets…We’ll use it all! And true to our bricolage mindset, we’ll start with what you have – adding as necessary – to say what you mean.

2. Distill

We take all of your input and incorporate it into the roadmap for our engagement: strategic brief, style guide, and production schedule with checkpoints.  If we’re missing any information, we’ll request it now. And we’ll build our plans with enough elasticity to accommodate the unexpected.

3. Develop

With a solid foundation and plan, we can now bring the ideas to life. We have all of the parameters, understand your objectives and together have agreed upon an approach. This means the work in this phase is creative, yet still aligned.  We’ll have regular review points to confirm direction, and make any course corrections based on new information. (It happens!)

4. Deliver

Our planning process and regular communications have brought us to this final stage – a confirmation rather than a dramatic reveal.  Sure, we’ll delight and surprise the audience with our creative ideas, but we’ll eliminate any uncertainty for you and your core team.  Suspense belongs in mysteries, not in client projects.

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